Just like they say in the X-files, the truth is out there.

Apparently at the end of June, the truth showed up in our very own Plano, Texas when a Twitter user @whoisjawsh caught a UFO on camera from a local rooftop. A Frisco resident, Hunter J. Gombac uploaded the video to Twitter.

Here’s a pic of what was captured on the rooftop.


This sighting even got the attention of famed physicist Neil DeGrasse, who’s response on twitter was, ‘the universe is full of mysteries”.  (Thanks Neil, that really helped us figure it out.)

Lucky for us the real answer came from Dr. Pepper Ballpark where fans were watching the last of the Texas League All-Star Game.

The lights in question where actually from a pyrotechnic show put on by the Patriot Parachute team as they jumped into the stadium.

The group says that they have been mistaken for UFO’s plenty of times.  Made up of professional parachutists who formerly served as active duty Navy SEALS, these brave folks are used to parachuting into challenging environments.  Using the discipline from their training they turn parachuting into shows that some people called ‘once in a lifetime experiences’.

These performers have a close relationship with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) so what seemed out of the ordinary, was an ordinary day for these extraordinary performers.

The style of parachuting the Patriot Team uses is called canopy relative work (CRW), which consists of two or more jumpers building canopy formations by bringing their chutes in close proximity, even touching each other.

In the daytime, that means strapping a United States flag between two members of the team, who then descend with the flag oriented so the crowd on the ground can see it flying down toward them.  The nighttime shows can include lights and sparklers, so this is what our UFO spotters actually saw.

Patriot Parachute Team jumpers can get up to 100 mph as they descend. The incredible feats the team pulls off are possible thanks to the training many of them got as parachute jumpers in the Navy SEALs (sea, air, and land.) Not every member of the team is a current or former SEAL, but they are all patriots and have an incredible respect for the country many of them served.

The team uses the word patriot instead of one more directly related to the SEALs or other branches of service because of their desire to not profit from the SEAL name or reputation, but rather to create something new that honors their country.

Well they certainly put on a show and we McCoys would like to thank all the members of our brave military for their service.

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