Friends, if you’ve been following along on our journey of building a home from concept at Legacy West, you know that we’ve had moments of celebration, moments of apprehension and maybe even a little bit of head spinning, along the way.  In this installment, we blow the budget.

We’ve made mention before that we’ve lived pretty much debt-free thanks to a combination of hard work and smart choices.  We think we are pretty cool about keeping within a budget, as we do for our real estate business and our home.

We also reached this debt-free status in part by following the teachings of Dave Ramsey – a money guru who teaches you how to make your money work for you, instead of against you.

Whether you’ve never heard of Dave or you are a Dave Ramsey follower, please heed the following warning:  do NOT go to The Design Gallery of Britton Homes when building a home with the same intentions as we did.  The Design Gallery is a showroom with all these beautiful samples of floorings, tiles, paint-colors, etc that you can choose to have in your newly built home.   We went there with the idea that we would pick everything we liked, no holds barred, and then back it out from there.

We remember walking into our first meeting with Belinda Crossley, our Design Gallery associate, with just this plan. RE.spring2015.MasterShell.indd

The Consultation

Belinda was very gracious and began showing us around the Design Gallery departments – flooring, kitchen, cabinets, counter-tops, tile, bathrooms, appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting, etc.  Boy were we excited!  This was going to be fun!  We had it all under control.  We would stick to our plan.

After about an hour, Belinda reminded us that we had only had 6 hours of complimentary design service to complete all our selections for the home. Then Belinda advised us to start with the flooring first.  We thought, ‘no problem.’  We went to the flooring department only to find at least eighty samples of color, texture, grades and designs of flooring on the wall.  All we needed to do was pick ONE!

“Are you crazy?” were the words that came out of our mouths (in unison, no less).  Belinda’s one word answer was “Yes.”

Reality Strikes the Budget

I knew we were doomed. There was no way to pick just one selection for flooring, kitchen, bathroom, cabinets and every other department in the remaining 5 hours.  So, The Design Center journey continued by grabbing whatever we liked in each department and basically throwing it in the cart.  Unfortunately, there was a few familiar phrases that Belinda kept saying.  One was “that is an UPGRADE.”  The other was something like this: “it’s only $150 over the allowance!”

No problem.  We could back out of these choices later, right?  We had a plan, didn’t we?

Four hours later, however, the plan had died a slow torturous death.  Hours and hours of picking colors, textures, and trying to keep it near the standard grade, had taken its toll.   We gave up and picked what we liked.  Then we did the math…100 of the “it’s only $150 over the allowance” selections blew our budget out of the water.  The good news was we finished within our complimentary 6 hours of design consultation.  The BAD news was we were 247% over budget.  Yes, you read that right…two hundred and forty percent.  The really bad news, however, was that we kept everything we picked.

In our defense though, it was like driving the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT and then trying to settle for a KIA Sorento………. it’s just not going to happen (Sorry Kia, we love you, but we bet given the choice, even YOU would pick the Merecedes).

We McCoys will live with our decisions be they good or bad.  uhm…Does anyone know if Dave Ramsey reads our blog?

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