Opening it’s well decorated, colored coordinated doors at Legacy West is Frontgate, a premiere home furniture, decorating and accessory store that makes you realize your home really needs a make-over (even if it just had a make-over).   There’s such an array of styles and colors and styles that even if you don’t like decorating, just looking at the catalog will give ideas you didn’t even know you could have.

Take for example, a fireplace table.  You could feasibly go your whole life without ever knowing that fireplace tables exist.  When is the last time you used ‘fireplace table’ in a sentence?  Glance at the website and suddenly you may wonder how you lived without one.  frontgate_fire_table_legacy_west_plano_texas

The opening of the showroom adds another incredible retailer in the all ready extensive list of luxury companies already calling the Shops at Legacy West their newest home.

Chris Nieto, the General Manager, Frontgate Legacy West was quoted as saying:

“We are absolutely thrilled to join the Plano community…and to show you firsthand what Grand Living means to all of us here at Frontgate. In Texas, everything is bigger and better – and we took that into account when preparing our new home for yours. Stop in to take care of your home decor needs or just to relax in the luxury of our expansive outdoor patio – with a glass of wine, of course. It is our privilege to get to know you and I personally ensure that as our guest, you will get the same world-class service and quality Frontgate has come to be known for. Hope to see you soon!”

Let’s be frank, here.  We’re afraid to think what will happen when we go into the store!  Folks that have been following our journey of building our new home in the Villas at Legacy West know how we blew our budget in picking out finishes at the Britton Homes Design Gallery and sold our home of 17 years, only to put things in storage till our home is built.

What’s going to happen when we get settled in?  Will we resist the urge to go browsing at Frontgate?  We’re not sure, but we do know that when a store offers free monograms on any sheet sets you buy, you suddenly question why the rest of sheets aren’t monogrammed.

Oh, one last thing, right now they’re offering a coupon code for 25% sitewide savings!  Just type in FRESH25 to receive yours!

Frontgate is located at 7700 Windrose Avenue, STE G190.  You can find it here on the map we McCoys made to help you find your way around when you visit Legacy West.

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