We locked our front door and walked down our front steps for the very last time.  Actually, we locked their front door and walked down their front steps for the very last time.  Wait, maybe it was the first time.  You see, this was a time in between moments, when you’re stepping out of the past and into a new and undiscovered future.

There was silence as we walked hand in hand down the path and towards our car.   Looking around we remembered all the great times we had here, seventeen years of them to be exact.  We could see our kids playing with their friends in the front yard, the house decorations during the holiday seasons and the family gatherings that were all bits and pieces of making our house a home.

It really was a beautiful life while we lived here.  Our family and life grew up around us abundantly and wonderfully.  Now we’re on to new adventures and to enjoy happy times in our new home.  A home that’s being built as we write this.

Out with the Old, In with the New

The new owners are preparing to move their family in and create their own memories.  We want them to have as at least as many great times in here, as we’ve had when it was ours.

On the kitchen counter. there sits a letter, written on a piece of spiral-bound notebook paper.  The letter contains our hopes and wishes for them as they begin their new life  Kitchen Counter A heartfelt letter Our Journey Continueshere.  It was written from our heart.  It’s one of appreciation for buying our home.   It speaks about raising our four great kids here, and of course, about our faithful lab of fifteen years, Kayli.  Sometimes words can fall short when trying to describe almost un-measurable joy and happiness.   We tried our best, though.

We wished them great success with their new home.  We know they’re going to create many loving memories as their family grows.  Time passes and who knows if they’ll keep their home for a short time, or for their lifetime.  You can never tell what adventures may be in store for them in their future.  Whatever happens, we pray that they enjoy all the blessing that they possibly can here.

We just wanted to tell them that, as we close the door as ours for the last time and they open it as theirs for the first time; they’re walking into a home that was sold to them with love.  May their walls always be filled with it.

A heartfelt letter


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