Do you know that excited feeling you get when you go up that very first hill on a roller coaster?  We’re talking about the point where, if you’re in the first row, you can see all the blue sky and scenery and at almost the same time, just how very far you’re about to fall.  It’s a thrilling combination of excitement and the realization that there’s no turning back now!  Well, if had to pick a name of this ride it would be, “We’re up!  We’re Down!  We’re Building a Home at Legacy Villas!”

Seriously, how do homes even get built?  There were so many people on our lot at once, there was barely room for the building materials!  Yet, they all worked together and very quickly and very efficiently completed the framing on our home.  The home that started less than a year ago as a concept now has a physical form.

You see for us, what we saw as of our home’s frame together isn’t exactly what the craftsman who are building it see.  The craftsmen working on our home see measurements (and they are good craftsmen,  you know the kind who always measure twice to cut once).  They see details and the tools needed to make the frame come together with perfect, mathematical precision. framed at legacy west britton homes

We’re picking out and rearranging furniture in our heads.  This is were we will be celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, picnics and great times with friends and family.  We’re already thinking of holiday decorations and it’s only August!!

As the walls go up, the house really starts to take shape!  What was once on a blueprint is being set up on our lot.  Soon, the craftsmen will lay out the electric in the house and add the pluming, the heating, the air conditioning, and so on, their minds are on the building process.  We’re thinking of how we’re going to love waking up in our incredible home in a place as fantastic as Legacy West.

A multitude of inspectors, engineers, city codes managers and Britton builders will check and double check the progress to make sure all details of the architectural drawings have been followed properly and they can put a ‘stamp of quality’ on what they’ve built.  We’re thinking of the time we’ll spend on our balcony, enjoying the sunrises and sunsets.

It’s the trust we have that the people who are making our concept home a reality that allows us to dream of what our life will be like living in the final product.  We know that if they need to, they’ll go back to the drawing board to correct any deficiencies or bad quality so we can stay on track for our goals.

Our journey, while it has been like a roller coaster ride, is one that we’re so happy to have embarked on.  We McCoys know, that soon, very soon, we’ll be handed the keys, moving in our furniture and placing a welcome mat on the front porch.

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